Medical Services

Establishing a relationship with a healthcare provider is an essential part of maintaining good health. A new patient follow-up appointment typically includes a comprehensive medical evaluation and consultation with a healthcare provider to discuss your medical history, concerns, and goals for your health.

A yearly physical is an essential component of preventive healthcare. During a yearly physical, a healthcare provider will conduct a comprehensive physical examination and may perform various screening tests to detect potential health problems early on, when they are most treatable.

An annual wellness visit is a comprehensive assessment of your overall health and well-being. During this visit, your healthcare provider will conduct a physical exam, health risk assessment, and may develop a personalized health plan to help you achieve your health goals.

A sick visit provides prompt medical attention for acute health problems, such as fever, colds, flu, minor injuries, or infections. During a sick visit, a healthcare provider will conduct a medical evaluation, diagnose your condition, and develop a treatment plan to help you feel better as quickly as possible.

Medication refill services provide a convenient and timely way to refill essential medications. A healthcare provider will review your medical history and prescription information, and prescribe the necessary medication refills to help you maintain optimal health.

Allergy treatment can help relieve symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. During an allergy visit, a healthcare provider will conduct allergy testing to determine the specific allergens that trigger your symptoms, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you manage your allergies and improve your quality of life.