Why the New Shingles VaccinationIs So Much Better

Vaccination is a preventive measure that has helped to all but eradicate a number of once-common diseases. Stamping out small pox and polio is a good example of how successful vaccines are as a medical innovation. However, researchers continue to break new ground in the fight against preventable diseases to this very day.

Shingles Vaccination

For patients who have reached the age of 50, the shingles vaccination can prevent the onset of this debilitating disease. If you had chicken pox at any stage of your life, the varicella-zoster virus is still lying dormant in your body. It is the reactivation of this virus that results in shingles.It can spread to babies, new mothers and people with compromised immune systems.

Shingrix Benefits

Although its predecessor reduced the risk of developing shingles in patients who received the vaccination after the age of 60 by 50%, anyone vaccinated at a younger age lost much of that immunity in later life. As the risk of shingles is much higher for older patients, Shingrix was developed to improve protection.

Shingrix is much more effective overall and offers longer lasting immunization. Patients from 50 onwards can safely avail themselves of the new shingles vaccination and enjoy much better protection. It is also important that more people receive the new shingles vaccination, in order to improve herd immunity.

The only notable drawback of the vaccine is increased pain around the injection site, with some patients also reporting headaches or fatigue that persists for a few days after administration. However, this should not dissuade patients from accepting the vaccination, as these side effects are temporary, whereas shingles is a permanent disease.

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