What Is a Familial Lipid Disorder?

Lipid Disorder Risks

A lipid disorder results in excessively high cholesterol levels and can result in the development of coronary artery disease (CAD). While your doctor may identify the former through routine checkups, the latter is not a condition normally associated with young people. If you are aware of a history of high cholesterol or CAD in your family, it is important to make your doctor aware so it is entered into your records.

Physical Exam

To determine whether you are suffering from a familial lipid disorder, your doctor will need to first check your cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol of over 190 mg/dL and total cholesterol of over 300 mg/dL should cause concern. There are a number of other physical exams your doctor can carry out, such as checking for xanthomas, which causes deposits of fat to appear under the skin.

If the results of your physical exam (coupled with a family history of high cholesterol and CAD) suggest a lipid disorder, your doctor will need to create an appropriate treatment plan. It is important that your general practitioner has the qualifications, experience and facilities to treat heart related conditions, in order to reduce the need for referrals.

North Star Medical

At North Star Medical, we specialize in the treatment of lipid disorder and related conditions. We can provide a comprehensive plan to help you manage your condition and live a fuller, healthier life. You can call our offices today to arrange a consultation, if you suspect you may have inherited a familial lipid disorder.

North Star Medical

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