What an Internal Medicine Doctor in Houston Can Do for You

Do you know what an internal medicine doctor, also known as an internist, actually does? There are many reasons why you may see an internal medicine doctor in Houston. An internal medicine doctor can treat specific illnesses or even a certain part of the body, with more experience and training than a primary care provider. Let’s look at internal medicine a bit more.

Education and Training Involved in Becoming an Internal Medicine Doctor

Any internal medicine doctor in Houston must go through the same training, but for a different field. Any internal medicine doctor will have to earn a bachelor’s degree and then attend medical school for 4 years. After medical school, a residency is required that usually lasts about 3 years.

After their residency, they can qualify for their medical license. However, to train in a specific type of medicine, such as cardiology or podiatry, the internal medicine doctor will have to obtain between 1 and 3 more years to become a specialist.

Benefits of Seeing an Internal Medicine Doctor in Houston

Most people receive a referral to see a specialist from their primary care doctor. This specialist can help treat the problem the primary care doctor has diagnosed but is unable to treat. The specialized training and education that an internal medicine doctor in Houston will be able to treat, or even prevent, the problem you are experiencing.

A Family Practitioner versus an Internal Medicine Doctor in Houston

While an internal medicine doctor in Houston can treat regular, everyday problems just like a family practitioner, a family practitioner will likely see patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Internal medicine doctors can treat those same things but usually only for adults. They also have a specialty that will allow them to focus their level of care.

If you are looking for an internal medicine doctor in Houston, start your search at North Star Medical. You can see the specialist you need and get both preventative care and treatment in one place.

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