The CDC Has New Vaccination Guidelines for Adults

Vaccinations are vital for babies and children. Due to the requirements in many states for children vaccination records to be able to attend school, there is a focus on vaccinations for younger kids. However, even though there are many vaccinations that focus on adults’ health, the vaccination rates for adults are dismally low in comparison.

The CDC has updated their guidelines when it comes to adult vaccination.

Which Vaccinations Now Have New Guidelines?

The CDC is aiming to improve vaccination rates when it comes to Hepatitis B and HPV, as well as regular flu shots. HPV, or human papilloma virus, vaccination is especially important for younger adults who are sexually active.

Why Are Adult Vaccination Rates so Low?

There have been many theories about why adult vaccination rates are as low as they are. Many physicians would rather focus on their patients’ conditions, as they feel this focus is more important than adult vaccination. Many patients, as well as their doctors, may even focus on other ways to prevent these illnesses, such as washing your hands and taking vitamin supplements to prevent the flu, or stressing abstinence or condom use to prevent HPV.

How is the CDC Improving Awareness of Adult Vaccinations?

There are several ways the CDC is working to improve both patients’ and physicians’ awareness of adult vaccination and why it is so important. Funding is being established to raise awareness about vaccination. An electronic system may even be used at the federal level, or funding sent to health agencies for the development of this technology.

The vaccination rates for adults is significantly improved if a patient has health insurance that covers these preventative vaccinations. Making vaccination more affordable for those who don’t have insurance, or increasing rates of adults who do have insurance, will help to improve adult vaccination rates.

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