Pain Relief for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is often associated with joint pain and stiff muscles. There are several ways you can help to manage the pain of osteoporosis. These may help reduce the chances of your condition worsening over time or may help to reduce current pain.

Apply Heat and Ice

It has long been known that heat and ice can help reduce pain but also promote healing. Applying a heating pad to the area, or even taking a warm bath or shower, can help reduce stiffness that can lead to pain. Ice will help to reduce swelling and can numb the area for a short period of time. This should be the go-to for relieving osteoporosis pain.

Attend Physical Therapy

Those with osteoporosis tend to see a decline in physical activity. While being active may be uncomfortable at first, it keeps your muscles from stiffening up and your joints from swelling. Be sure to see a physical therapist that has experience working with those who have osteoporosis so you learn safe and effective exercises.

Use Braces When Needed

If osteoporosis has affected your bone structure, such as a fracture, or if it has caused you to injure a muscle, a brace may be beneficial. It can help your body heal while you still go about your day. However, wearing a brace too long can make that area weaker. If you’ve been wearing a brace, you want to get back to physical activity as soon as possible.

Medication for Osteoporosis

Not only are there over-the-counter pain meds as well as those provided through a doctor’s prescription, but there’s also alternative medicine. Acupuncture, talk therapy, biofeedback and more can help you to feel better with osteoporosis.

With various techniques, you can help to avoid some of the pain associated with osteoporosis. While some of these pain-relieving methods may not work for you, there’s a good chance that others will. Give each a try and see which are most effective in relieving your pain.

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