3 Vaccinations You Should Get When You’re Over 60

Vaccinations are a lot more important as you get older. Instead of fighting an illness, you can prevent certain ones through vaccines. Those over 60 are not only more susceptible to contracting illnesses but also have a harder time fighting them off once they do get sick. The following vaccinations are vital for those over 60.

Yearly Flu Vaccinations

Every flu season, thousands die from influenza and even more are hospitalized. Many of these hospitalizations and deaths can be prevented with annual flu vaccinations, especially for older adults. You may also want to have those who spend a lot of time near you, such as family members, get a flu shot as well so they are less likely to pass on the virus to you.

Shingles Vaccine

This one-time shingles vaccine is beneficial because the older you are, the harder it is to fight off the Herpes Zoster virus. This virus is already in your body if you’ve ever had Chicken Pox and it can reactivate at any time to produce a blistery rash. Even if you have already had a shingles outbreak, vaccinations against shingles can prevent a re-occurrence. It is recommended for all adults over 60 as almost 100% of people have contracted Chicken Pox and are susceptible to a shingles outbreak.

Meningitis Vaccine

While meningitis isn’t the most common illness contracted by those over 60, it can be the most dangerous. Therefore vaccinations such as these are important. You should consider a meningitis vaccine important if you have been exposed to the illness or if you have certain blood deficiencies that make you more susceptible. If you plan on traveling to countries where meningitis is more common, this vaccine should be a part of the vaccinations you get before you depart.

North Star Medical can help you get the vaccinations you need once you reach age 60. In certain cases, vaccines should be administered at a younger age, and you can discuss this with one of our providers.

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