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Vaccinations are a lot more important as you get older. Instead of fighting an illness, you can prevent certain ones through vaccines. Those over 60 are not only more susceptible to contracting illnesses but also have a harder time fighting them off once they do get sick. The following vaccinations are vital for those over … Continue reading “3 Vaccinations You Should Get When You’re Over 60”

While you may suffer from COPD, Diabetes, or even cancer as chronic medical conditions, it is still possible to stay positive and enjoy each day. Chronic medical conditions can make you feel gloomy and depressed, but these 5 ways to keep positive can help you live each day to the fullest. Accept Your Diagnosis The … Continue reading “Keeping Positive While Working Through Chronic Medical Conditions”

Osteoporosis is often associated with joint pain and stiff muscles. There are several ways you can help to manage the pain of osteoporosis. These may help reduce the chances of your condition worsening over time or may help to reduce current pain. Apply Heat and Ice It has long been known that heat and ice … Continue reading “Pain Relief for Osteoporosis”

When it comes to allergy season, whether it hits you in the spring or the fall, we grab for anything that might help relieve the annoying symptoms. No one wants itchy eyes and a runny nose. However, you want to look at which allergy medication will help you the most for the symptoms you have. … Continue reading “Are All Allergy Medications the Same?”

Congestive heart failure isn’t a failure of the heart to work at all, it is a failure of the heart to work as efficiently as it should. It can be caused by many different conditions that sometimes work together to make the heart’s job harder. Reducing risks for a heart attack is one of the … Continue reading “Try These 3 Big Life Changes to Prevent Congestive Heart Failure”

If you have been diagnosed and treated forCOPD, it may feel like your life, as you know it, is over. However, there are many ways you can effectively cope with your COPD, depending on the severity of the condition. First and foremost, it is important to have an open conversation with your doctor. Knowing your … Continue reading “Coping With COPD”

An asthma diagnosis should not mean giving up all the physical activities you or your child enjoy. Exercise is an important part of overall health and wellbeing, which is why it is recommended that you do what you can, within your limits. If you can squeeze in at least 30 minutes of exercise per day … Continue reading “Getting the Exercise You Need While Dealing With Asthma”

Coronary heart disease occurs due to damage or conditions affecting the coronary arteries. The condition typically develops over a long period of time, but the damage is often done, before serious symptoms become obvious. There are 3 signs of coronary heart disease you should never ignore. Chest Pains Pain that is felt in the left … Continue reading “3 Signs of Coronary Heart Disease”

Receiving a diagnosis for a familial lipid disorder can prove difficult, due to the rarity of these conditions. It is important that your doctor recognizes potential symptoms and carries out a full family medical history to establish the cause of elevated cholesterol levels, especially in young patients. Lipid Disorder Risks A lipid disorder results in … Continue reading “What Is a Familial Lipid Disorder?”

Vaccination is a preventive measure that has helped to all but eradicate a number of once-common diseases. Stamping out small pox and polio is a good example of how successful vaccines are as a medical innovation. However, researchers continue to break new ground in the fight against preventable diseases to this very day. Shingles Vaccination … Continue reading “Why the New Shingles VaccinationIs So Much Better”

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