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Since the word “anxiety” is used to describe everything from a minor worry to a full-blown panic attack in casual conversation, it’s not always easy for those suffering from true anxiety disorders to identify the root cause of troublesome thoughts or behaviors. The truth is that “anxiety” is also used as an umbrella term, and … Continue reading “5 Major Types of Anxiety Disorders”

Affecting approximately 5.7 million people in the United States alone, congestive heart failure was a contributing cause to roughly one in nine deaths in 2009 alone. Coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are all risk factors for CHF, but lifestyle choices can significantly increase your risk of developing heart failure. Tobacco use, obesity, … Continue reading “Why Exercise Can Help Prevent Congestive Heart Failure”

Millions of Americans suffer with painful arthritis. Tons of pain killers are swallowed on a daily basis to help relieve the pain. There are so many pharmaceuticals available touting their respective abilities to alleviate the pain but what are the best pain relievers for this condition? Types of Arthritis There isn’t just one type of … Continue reading “The Best Pain Relievers for Arthritis”

It is not often that people think of a link sleep and cholesterol levels; however, there may be a connection between lipid disorders and sleep disorders. Research seems to be drawing connections that indicate the quantity of sleep you get may affect your lipid levels. Serious health issues like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes … Continue reading “Lipid Disorders May Cause a Sleep Disorder”

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for many who have diabetes, it can be a meal that is plagued with sugars and full of pitfalls. Although many people can be out the door with just a coffee and a granola bar, it’s crucial for a diabetic patient to … Continue reading “4 Breakfasts that Your Diabetes will Love”

There’s a lot of speculation about whether you can get ill from getting a flu vaccination. The short answer is: no. There are two types of flu vaccinations. One is made with  ‘inactivated’ flu viruses, i.e. essentially dead viruses and they cannot cause infection. The other type of is made without using flu viruses. Recombinant … Continue reading “Can the Flu Vaccination Really Make You Sick?”

The CDC estimates that since 2010 that the number of yearly hospitalizations due to influenza have ranged from 140,000 to 710,000. Each year, a flu vaccination is researched and developed several months ahead of the influenza season so that they can try to protect against the most commonly spread strains of the flu. But once … Continue reading “How Long Can You Wait to Get a Flu Vaccination?”

There are a number of reasons people with chronic medical conditions should avoid heat in certain circumstances. Understanding your conditions and the environmental factors that can cause flareups is important. At North Star Medical, we are committed to ensuring patients are aware of all potential complications that may arise from their chronic medical conditions. Chronic … Continue reading “Chronic Medical Conditions and Heat”

We hear a lot about vitamins in advertisements – from our physicians, and from health-conscious friends and family members who make sure to take their multivitamin right after they drink their coffee in the morning. But what do these specific types of vitamins do for our bodies? Let’s learn more about what vitamins do—specifically vitamin … Continue reading “The Scoop on Vitamin B Nutritional Disorder”

A reversal of type 2 diabetes means that the person affected no longer needs medications to control their blood sugar. However, life style changes are still needed to keep the changes over time. Even if these types of life style changes don’t completely reverse diabetes, they can help to manage blood sugar in the long … Continue reading “Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?”

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